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Auto-Connecting the BLE characteristic with ObservableCollection

GeorgeEdwardsGeorgeEdwards GBMember ✭✭
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I am using Xamarin.Forms, to build a cross platform BLE app. It is based on this example app using the Monkey.Robotics plugin. All the examples use an ObservableCollection<IDevice> devices; line, to populate a ListView with all the scanned results which the user can then manually select, setting a variable to equal that value. i.e.var device = e.SelectedItem as IDevice; I am connecting to a known type of device, so after that device is selected, I want to then automatically set the Service and Characteristic variables. The structure of IDevices seems a bit tricky, so one of the Xamarin guys suggested it would be easiest to enumerate the Services and then automatically select the one that matches the ID I am looking for. Not quite sure what the best way of doing it, I have tried this:

 IAdapter adapter;
 IDevice device;
 IService AppService;

ObservableCollection<IService> services;

    adapter.DeviceConnected += (s, e) => {

        device = e.Device;
        // when services are discovered
        device.ServicesDiscovered += (object se, EventArgs ea) => {
            if (services.Count == 0)
                Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread (() => {
                    foreach (var service in device.Services) {
                        if (service.ID == 0x2A37.UuidFromPartial ()) {
                            AppService = service as IService;
                        }  else {
                            services.Add (service);
                } );
        } ;

        // start looking for services
        device.DiscoverServices ();

Is this how you would do it, or would you collect all the results and then check through them? In which case, how would you structure that?

I could also have a function, to SearchFor(x), and set up a ubiquitous ObservableCollection, and just throw x into it? Not sure if it could deal with both IService and ICharacteristic?

Any thoughts / suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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