Binding using Sharpie

Hi, I'm trying to bind an Objectiv-C library. Since I have no experience with Objective-C I used Sharpie. Now It seems he was not able to create the binding for the element that I marked in the code... As I said I'm not familiar with Objective-C enough to do the binding myself... Can someone help me with the element here?

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@protocol TVSessionCreationDelegate;
@class TVSession;

extern NSString * const TVSimulatorException; //  SHARPIE COULDN'T CREATE BINDING
extern NSString * const TVMissingBundleException; // SHARPIE COULDN'T CREATE BINDING

@interface TVSessionFactory : NSObject

+ (void)createTVSessionWithToken:(NSString*)sdkToken delegate:(id<TVSessionCreationDelegate>)delegate;


Here is what Sharpie generated:

using MonoTouch.Foundation;

[Verify (ConstantsInterfaceAssociation)]
partial interface Constants
    // extern NSString *const TVSimulatorException;
    [Field ("TVSimulatorException")]
    NSString TVSimulatorException { get; }

    // extern NSString *const TVMissingBundleException;
    [Field ("TVMissingBundleException")]
    NSString TVMissingBundleException { get; }

// @interface TVSessionFactory : NSObject
[BaseType (typeof(NSObject))]
interface TVSessionFactory
    // +(void)createTVSessionWithToken:(NSString *)sdkToken delegate:(id<TVSessionCreationDelegate>)delegate;
    [Export ("createTVSessionWithToken:delegate:")]
    void CreateTVSessionWithToken (string sdkToken, TVSessionCreationDelegate @delegate);

Thanks for help..


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