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Monomac issue - please help

Hi, I am timer running in the main controller, and when I try and bring up a context menu on a TableView, the app crashes. If I turn off the timer, no problem and if I dont bring up the content menu, again no problem.

Here is my code:

myNSTableView.Menu = new NSMenu();
NSMenuItem mi = new NSMenuItem("menu item 1", myHandler);

public void myHandler(object Sender, EventArgs e)
I also have an NSTimer setup to repeat every 200ms

myNSTimer = NSTimer.CreateRepeatingScheduledTimer(new TimeSpan(2000000),delegate {
move an NSSlider

NSRunLoop.Main.AddTimer(myNSTimer, NSRunLoopMode.Common);
NSRunLoop.Main.AddTimer(myNSTimer, NSRunLoopMode.EventTracking);

Can anyone give me any pointers to try please?


  • Although the problem occurred much more with the timer running, this wasn't the problem. I was not storing the MenuItem variables in a class variable or list etc, so they were being garbage collected and cause the lower level objC layer to crash.

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