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I have latest Xamarin licensed version installed on my iMac. I also have windows machine with TFS and VS-2013 prof installed. Now I want to checkIn/CheckOut my Xamarin.iOS app code in TFS through Visual Studio. I believe it is possible. As per the Guides in Xamarin site we need Eclipse and TFS Eclipse plug-in to be installed on iMac and Xamarin Extension/plug-in in Visual Studio. Here my question is Do i need to install Xamarin Studio/Xamarin.iOS in my Windows machine or just plug-in/extension of Xamarin for Visual Studio.

If it is Xamarin Studio , can i use the same license that I have for mac(as per my knowledge license holds for only one machine and one platform)
if it is any plug in / extension ,please point me to the link to download it.(As per some forum queries we have to install it on VS 2012 and copy files, but I don't have 2012 installed)

Thanks In Advance.


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    @OllieQ, which Xamarin license do you have? Indie or Business? Visual Studio plug-in is only available for Business or higher, or for Starter editions which limits the app size.

    If you plan on working within Visual Studio in order to be able to use TFS, then you should be fine. When you load your Xamarin project for the first time from Visual Studio, you will be prompted to log into your Xamarin account to activate the license for that computer. If you have maxed out the number of computers you have the license activated on, log into your Xamarin account and deactivate any computer that you are not currently working on:

    If you are just working between the two instances (Mac and Windows) I believe that would be ok, but you will only be able to do your TFS check-ins/check-outs from Visual Studio.

    To download Xamarin on your Windows machine, simply download it from the Downloads section from your Xamarin Dashboard:

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