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Good way to create UITableViewCell with editable text?

Hello! :)

Are there any best practices on how to create an text-editable UITableViewCell in Xamarin iOS? I want to make the text of the cell editable but it seems like Apple doesn't support doing so out of the box? I have experimented with adding a UITextView as a subview but I'm not that happy with my results (e.g. how far away is the UITextView supposed to be from the left side of the screen). Also is there any better way to define a placeholder text for a UITextView than using the Events?


  • TobiasRddigerTobiasRddiger DEUniversity

    I managed to find the right distances and cropped the the UITextViews height to fit the text to center it in the UITableCell. Furthermore I programmed the placeholders for the UITextViews by myself. If someone has a best practice solution I would still be interested in seeing it.

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