[Xamarin.Forms] Wrong drawable references in Android

RiadRiad NLUniversity ✭✭


I have some troubles with Images when using Xamarin.Forms and Android.

For iOS and WP, I do not have any problem (Yay !).
Android, is mixing all my images. Where it should display a "portrait icon", I see a flag, where it should display a flag, I see the app Icon etc...
This doesn't make any sense.
I removed all my images and added them again, nothing better.
I removed all my images and added a new one, nothing is displayed.

I'm out of ideas. And I do not understand why. I think it something like Android does not generate the good reference id...


  • RiadRiad NLUniversity ✭✭

    Okay, it looks like the Resources.cs is not updated.
    I created a whole new project and it's okay now.

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