Creating an image cropping page --

Long story short I have been playing around with this image cropping tutorial: " "

Since I am a Xamarin noob I am having the absolute worst trouble trying to add navigation between an iOS page and my XAML view.

So basically repeating what I wrote above the question is, how can one add a simple navigation button (UIButton) that navigates to a Xamarin forms view? Specifically using the Tutorial above.

The code that I implemented below works(in the sense that it hits the break point in the xaml.cs ) but it does not stay on the xaml page for some reason...

`button = UIButton.FromType (UIButtonType.RoundedRect);
            button.Frame = new RectangleF (20, 40, view.Frame.Width - 40, 40);  
            button.SetTitle ("Decrement", UIControlState.Normal);
            button.UserInteractionEnabled = true;
            button.TouchUpInside += (o, e) => {
                new NavigationPage(new test());


            view.Add (button);`

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