Should we keep the android sdk in a seperate copy than the one android studio uses?

ChrisMason.2517ChrisMason.2517 USMember, University ✭✭

I am still learning Android Programming, and sometimes I use Android Studio. I noticed that Marsh mellow android 6 just came out, and I downloaded the sdk components while running android sdk manager. Now, it seems I can do the same thing in Xamarin since the Android sdk is in another directory for Xamarmin versus Android studio. Is this a good idea? I'm guessing yes, since they are two different ide/ tools, or would it be OK to point them both at the same SDK copy? Its kind of funny how the first few samples at the site don't the simple one where they tell you to create a java program named, tell you to paste some code that refers to a nonexisting layout for a fragment, and then tell you to use a TextView as the content View...I'm guessing they have changed it over time, or want you to sign up for udacity. Also, I'm thinking they are testing a persons patience with the ActionBarActivity shenanigans...apparently its a science project to get that to work..have a great day!

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