Xamarin.Forms sample launch Winphone proj is not loaded

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edited August 2015 in Xamarin.Forms

I read book about Xamarin.Forms and try samples related to it. When I launch any of this solutions I get error (look image)
Then if I press Install there is no winphone project. It's "unloaded".
Another problem is further: I try to emulate Android. When I start debug it's launched. But there is only black window without everything. The same app is successfully deploid on Galaxy Note 2. The app is from samples. Tried another version of emulator (API21,API15). The same black screen of device.

Firstly after I closed emulator I could see error
"build action embeddedresource is not supported" (Now it's only warning)

On SAP solution I get reference errors and the warning described above (last image).
All software is up to date (Visual studio and Xamarin Platform)
So nasty first acquaintance.


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