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Insert a RadialProgressView in a ContentPage

Hi Community!

I'm having newbie's trouble trying to integrate the RadialProgress, from Xamarin Components, into a ContentPage of my Xamarin Forms project. It works fine as an activity, just like in the samples, but the "RadialProgressView" can't seem to be called as a Xamarin.Forms View. Would you have the kindness to guide me toward tutorials, samples or references that could lead me to how I can integrate a RadialProgress the way I do with, say, an ActivityIndicator?


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  • JulienChateauJulienChateau FRMember ✭✭

    Hi Christian, thanks.

    I'm following this:
    But I really can't warp my mind around how I could achieve the same for RadialProgress. What bugs me is that RadialProgressView can't be seen as a Xamarin.Form.View. So yeah, I can call it in an activity, but not as a view in a content page, I don't see (cause I don't know, it's hopefully possible) how a custom renderer could change that.

    Can anyone be more specific concerning that matter? (Sorry for newbieing that hard)


  • JulienChateauJulienChateau FRMember ✭✭

    Ok, may I bump myself?
    It's really bugging me and very much time consuming. Could sombedy point me to the right direction, even more precisely than how Christian did? I can't go any further without implementing that Radial progress...


  • ChristianFalchChristianFalch NODeveloper Group Leader ✭✭✭

    (Remember to use the @-function in the forums when referring to someone, @JulienChateau).

    Using the RadialProgressView in a custom renderer shouldn't be too hard, but my suggestion to you is to try to create a much more simpler custom renderer to begin with so that you understand the concepts involved. Then have a go at creating a renderer for the component you want to wrap.

  • JulienChateauJulienChateau FRMember ✭✭

    Thanks for the tips @ChristianFalch ! I'm gonna dig this way since I can't find anything more precise on the internetz.

  • JulienChateauJulienChateau FRMember ✭✭

    Done! @ChristianFalch was right. This guy did it and shared his stuff:
    I just don't know why his thread did not showed up early when I searched the forum... My bad.

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