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June 20: 'Less Pain, More Apps', Jacksonville, Florida

amilleramiller USXamarin Team Xamurai
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Event link:

Time of event: 7:00pm

Address of event: Southisde Public Library
10599 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL

"Life as a mobile dev ain't easy. Everyone wants their mobile apps, and wants them done yesterday. What's a hustling dev to do? Luckily, Xamarin has launched two big products that make your life a little easier: the Component Store, and Test Cloud. We'll take a look at both, and see what's what. We'll also be giving away some sweet swag, so don't miss out!"

Speaker: Zack Gramana works with the other monkeys at Xamarin. He lives in the Component Store, and gathers bananas in his spare time.

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