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Creating Mobile Client for Rails App - Best Practices

RichardSevioraRichardSeviora CAMember ✭✭

Howdy everyone! I'm looking to use Xamarin to create a mobile client (Android and iOS) for my Rails app. My dev platform is Mac OS X. I have a number of questions I'd love to get some thoughts on:

  • ORMs - what's the most popular ORM that has support for 1:1 and 1:N relations/associations, and validations if possible. I recognize I'm probably 'spoiled' in that Rails takes care of all of the persistence, validation, and association logic for me. I'm hoping to avoid a situation where I need to manually code in SQL for run of the mill updates, searches and aggregations.
  • What's the best architectural pattern to start with? MVVM (and MVVMCross) seems to be a great starting point. I also looked at VIPER but that seems perhaps too over-designed for my needs.
  • What tutorials are there that walk me through a basic app with persistence?
  • How "good" can Xamarin forms look?
  • What are the popular Xamarin blogs?

Relevant skills:

  • Ruby and Rails.
  • Tons of RDBMS experience.
  • JS
  • Coded an iOS app with Core Data before.

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