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Prerequisites for Testing Xamarin.forms app on Windows 8.1 ?


I am working on Xamarin.Forms for creating an app which can be used on all major mobile platforms like Android ,IOS, Windows 8.1.
Thanks to @NicolasHotterbeekx ,who suggested the well documented resource and step by step procedure for testing the apps on IOS mac Mini.

I am able to create and test the sample Master-Detail page app on Android and IOS,where comes with windows 8.1,some issues are occuring.
When i tried to test the app on visualstudio 2013,it is showing that Hyper-v is required and it can be installed only on windows 8 professional edition.

Can't we test the app on windows 8.1 without installing Hyper-v?
Can anyone please suggest the prerequisites for testing the xamarin.forms app on windows 8.1 using a simulator?

These are the details of system that i'm Currently working on:
Windows 8.1 64bit-OS,
8 gb ram,
Visual studio 2013.

Thanks in advance :)


  • FabioCozzolinoFabioCozzolino ITBeta, University ✭✭✭

    Hi Suman,
    Hyper-V is a prerequisite for the Windows Phone emulator and you must have a Pro version of Win8.1 to use it. Alternatively, you can use a physical device to debug the Windows Phone version.


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