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VS2013 Build Issue

I have benn having this problem ever since I started using Xamarin and I can't believe I havn't found any other posts regarding it, Maybe I didn't look hard enough but anyway:-
I have a PCL project with Shared code and Platform specific code.
I am cross building using a Mac Build Host and curently focusing on the iOS build so not sure if the same problem exists with Android, Windows.

I have just wasted today because I completely forgot about this problem.
After making changes to the PCL Forms/XAML code I have to manually rebuild the PCL project before building the iOS project otherwise it doesn't take the changes!
I have tried setting dependancies etc. but I can't get it to build the PCL project and then the iOS project.

Does anyone know how to make this work.

It would be nice if when I click run it automatically builds the PCL if required and then the iOS if required before loading and debugging.

I have wasted so much time because of this.


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