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Antialiasing - Is it even possible?

rawbot69rawbot69 USMember

Hi everyone,

So I am creating a DrawNode and drawing a texture, setting it isAntialiased = true.
float size = radius * 2.0f;
CCPoint circleCenterPos = new CCPoint(radius, radius);
CCDrawNode draw = new CCDrawNode();

        draw.DrawSolidCircle(circleCenterPos, radius, borderColor);
        draw.DrawSolidCircle(circleCenterPos, radius - borderWidth, backgroundColor);

        // create render texture containing draw node
        CCRenderTexture rtm = new CCRenderTexture(
            new CCSize(size, size),
            new CCSize(size, size),
            CCSurfaceFormat.Color, CCDepthFormat.Depth24Stencil8



        rtm.Texture.IsAntialiased = true;


But my rendering looks exactly the same as if anti aliasing doesn't work.

Btw, I set these two to true as well in case you are wondering.

application.PreferMultiSampling = true; CCTexture2D.DefaultIsAntialiased = true;
How the heck do I make my textures render with antialiasing? Please help! I am running this on Windows.


  • kjpou1kjpou1 LUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai


    The primitives themselves do not but you may be able to use this article as a guide. See the part on anti-aliasing which uses a form of alpha-blending and creating your own line drawing algorithms based on the information outlined.

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