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Is it Possible to disable scrolling in ListView?

PaulNguyen.9791PaulNguyen.9791 USMember
edited August 2015 in Xamarin.Forms

I'm trying to disable scrolling in ListView in iOS when there aren't many items to take up the entire screen. Android does this naturally but iOS is still scrollable even if there are only two items. Is it possible and if so how do i do it in xamarin forms with using a custom render.


  • OnurHazarOnurHazar USUniversity ✭✭✭

    @DavidDancy Hello, do we still need to create a custom renderer just to disable scrolling property of ListView? or is there a built-in property that we can use?

  • EnriqueArceEnriqueArce USMember

    Try use this property:

    <!-- VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Never" -->
    <ListView ItemsSource="{Binding Stock}" VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Never">
                    <!-- Controls -->
  • OnurHazarOnurHazar USUniversity ✭✭✭

    @EnriqueArce Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't work, I am trying to disable the bouncing effect in list view.

  • DavidDancyDavidDancy AUMember ✭✭✭✭

    @OnurHazar I think you could use an Effect to do it as well, if a whole Renderer just for this is too much.

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