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Xamarin it is a lot of problems and no benefit

Well Well, perhaps I will write everything that I think about Xamarin.

For a start I will say that I am the head of the development department of a professional game studio. Our studio is developing a cross-platform entertainment applications that work perfectly on all platforms. When I say "perfectly on all platforms", which means that our applications work without any issues on Linux, Windows 7/8/10, Windows Phone/RT, BlackBerry, OS X, iOS, Android, Sony PlayStation, Sony Vita, Xbox, Nintendo Wii as well on web HTML5. We are use our own C++ libraries as well Unity3D and open source Cococ2d-x framework.

About a week ago we decided to try Xamarin for cross-platform development. I began to read the documentation, and judging by the statements of the official website, we will be have received only joy and fun if we went on Xamarin.

As they say, measure twice cut once and so I started to try Xamarin personally. And this is where the problems started. It all started with the fact that the official installer refuses to install Xamarin. An error occurs on install process but the Xamarin installer says in the "Error report" panel: "No errors to report". Very funny... It's good that the installer displays a installation log file in which the error was "Access Denied". The question is obvious - why do we need a public installer which can be downloaded but do not have access to download the necessary components? OK, it did not stop me. After a while the installer is was able to download the necessary files and the installation went without problems. But I was surprised that the installer downloaded another copy of the Android SDK even though I have it already installed. The necessary environment variables and path to Andoid SDK I had tuned on my Mac, but why installer ignored this fact also raises a questions. After I was able to run Xamarin Studio, I was not able to create iOS project. In the list of app templates it has been all everything except the templates for iOS apps. Even after I activated the trial mode for iOS platform templates did not appear. I read the forums I finally solved the problem, and so it happened again in the buggy installer. Once I had templates for iOS applications, I decided to create a test project and run it on my actual devices. On my Mac installed Xcode 7 beta 5. Xamarin Studio never wanted to see Xcode 7 toolchain to build the project for iOS 9. After reading and Googling, I had to download the newest version of Xamarin and get the exact same bugs to the lack of iOS templates after installation. Now I think that is still able to run the test project on my device. But I rejoiced too early. The fact is that provisioning profile does not need in Xcode 7 to build and run the application on my own device. But Xamarin Studio stubbornly refused to run the project, even after I had clearly set up on the latest Apple SDK.

And now my patience is exhausted exactly. I imagined a picture that if all of our developers will solve all these installation problems and will have issues with running projects on their devices it is likely that we will have to close our studio. I am really convinced of only one, Xamarin Studio is a very raw and buggy. Our studio is not prepared to pay for errors during installation and everyday problem solving related to the launch projects on real devices. Now I see absolutely no benefit from the transition to Xamarin.

But I see that the potential is still there. And when Xamarin developers will work a more responsible, than maybe we'll buy a lot of licenses, even at the highest price.


  • JerwenRelozJerwenReloz USMember ✭✭

    I don't think XAMARIN will be my best choice as a cross-platform developer there are a lot of errors i encountered for weeks now. .

  • NashZhouNashZhou USMember ✭✭✭

    @JerwenReloz Dang, "Done. Nothing was installed."

    Are you able to download Android Studio and run an Android emulator with your computer? I've always had errors when dealing with Xamarin Android but it seems to get better when I install Android Studio and link Xamarin's Android SDK to Android Studio.

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