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Storyboard Image Resize to Screen Size

TonyPitmanTonyPitman USMember ✭✭

I am starting with a project someone else wrote. It uses a storyboard for the UI.

The top level of the view in a view controller with a regular view. Then there are some controls like buttons and such.

I would like to add a background image. I tried to set the background image of the main view, but it doesn't take one.

I then added a ImageView and sent it to back. I set its image and that looked good.

The only problem is that on different size screens the image just stays however I have it set in the storyboard designer.

How do I go about making the image resize itself based on the screen size or better yet whoever is its parent?

I also thought about dragging all the controls onto the image view so they are children, but the designer would not let me in the document layout panel. That is a second question. How do I reorganize items on the views.

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