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Error while creating object of Rebex.Net.Sftp()

We are developing mobile application in Xamarin forms. We are using Rebex liabraries for accessing SFTP location using dependency services, we were able to access SFTP location before I upgrade Xamarin studio. After upgrading Xamarin studio to 5.9.5 (build 9) version we are getting following exception.

Exception while executing line: Rebex.Net.Sftp myObj = new Rebex.Net.Sftp();

Runtime Exception: System.NotSupportedException: This component does not support Xamarin iOS. Please use assemblies compiled for Xamarin iOS. at Rebex.ICB.R () [0x00084] in :0 at Rebex.Net.Sftp..ctor () [0x00034] in :0 at QMSForms.Droid.SQLite_Android.ConnectToFTP () [0x0002d] in c:\CSP_TFS_Code\QMSForms\Droid\SQLite_Android.cs:161

Please help to resolve this issue.



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