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Can i do something after user has been made photo

AlexanderZhigunovAlexanderZhigunov USMember
edited August 2015 in Xamarin.Android

Hello All!
Input data:
1. User made a picture on device. Any devices with OS 4.2+
1 Way: intercept event "save photo" and ask the question : "Do you want send this photos to me?"
2 Way: make menu "send for me". This menu will be shown when user stretches down on picture.
For first way question: I think it must be demon which one should be intercept event "save photos". Give me please semple of it or another idea.
For second way question: How i can make my menu item for every photos... Actually, haven't idea...
In any case thanx for advice ideas and samples...
Looking forward answers :)

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