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stuck in testflight

BradWhiteBradWhite USMember ✭✭

App is built and deployed to TestFlight.
Made some changes and deployed a second version.

External user can't install version 2.

User: 'I deleted Test Flight and version 1. I reinstalled Test Flight and that works, but then when I go to install version 2 it still says "You've already accepted the invite for this App." '

Except that in itunes connect, she shows as Invited, not Accepted.

Most of the suggestions online are variations on "You can't be an internal and external user. You have to remove one," type.
But I don't have any internal users, so that isn't it.

Two other suggestions I found were:

  • I fixed this by unsubscribing to the old version of the app and then accepting the invite.

  • Just tap Close on the presented view controller and install it from the main list.

I've never used TestFlight so I can't interpret "presented view controller" or "main list" for her. And I don't have room on my phone to install it.
And I don't see how you would "unsubscribe" from within testflight.

I also tried deleting her from External users and re-adding. No improvement.

Any suggestions?

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