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[Rivets]Adding meta tag to html page doesn't open the app when both Rivets and the app are installed

We're trying to implement a change password feature in our mobile app that directs the user from their change password email link in the mail client to our app. We added in a meta tag of <meta property="al:ios:url" content="ourapp://products?id=12345" /> in the change password page's HTML. Rivets is also installed. When I submit "ourapp://" in the phone web browser, it does open the app, as that scheme is registered in our Info.plist. However, when we click on the email link from the mail client, it only takes you to the page in the browser and doesn't open the app.

Am I missing something or is this feature not supported? It seems like it would work judging by the language on the documentation (

Thanks in advance!

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