Master Detail Layout - Detail Positioning

FabioMelendezFabioMelendez USMember, University

I am using the master Detail Layout in Forms and have it implemented, looks pretty good, but noticed a behavior, not sure if there is a defect associated with it or if I missed a switch or something

So I have the master behavior as a Popover, when the user clicks on a menu option in the detail navigation bar i open the master, that works great on both phone and tablet, but here is the behavior I am seeing

Both on iOS
Phone -- Landscape, the detail gets pushed to the side as the master opens

Tablet/Phone - Portrait & Tablet Landscape -- the Master shows like a popover

I would like for all the options to behave like the Phone Landscape, is there something I need to do? or is this a current forms defect that it has different behaviors depending on the device ?

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