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I have a problem with the debugger where I'll click step-in or step-over and it just stays on the same line, and the line is green-highlighted. I could click step-in or step-over a hundred times and it seems like it's loading or doing something, but it stays on the same line. It's like the debugger is stuck. Sometimes, after clicking step enough times, the line turns back to yellow and the debugger advances to the next line. But usually I click so many times and wait so long that either I give up or it crashes. It happens on many lines of my code but not every line.

The only way to get around it is to just set a breakpoint at the next line and hit Continue.

It makes it really hard to debug anything.

I have the latest version of Xamarin Studio.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?


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    Are you stepping "into" these methods? are they your code, or are they dlls? do you have framework debugging enabled in XS's options?

    Why not do a screen grab and talk us throguh what you mean. I've had hell with the debugger in the past, so I know how frustating it is, and I'm happy to help you : but I need more info.

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    The debugger gets stuck even on a line when i want to step into a method that is in my own code, but it also gets stuck trying to step into framework code (which makes a little more sense to me). I don't see why it should get stuck when stepping into methods that are my own code. It even gets stuck on lines where it's not even calling a method, just an assignment. It just won't move on to the next line, or it will after clicking Step many times.

    Framework debugging is enabled.

    I'll try to make a simpler example and study the problem more to see if I can find which kinds of lines it tends to get stuck on. I was just wondering if someone had a quick answer.

    What does it generally mean in debugging when the line is highlighted green versus yellow? It also has a green arrow icon on the left, like it's trying to step in.

  • Has anyone found a fix or a workaround for this?

    I am experiencing the same issue as you are, on windows, with a Xamarin.Android application.

    I have the latest installed: VS 2017, version 15.5.2, Xamarin version, Xamarin.Android SDK version

    Any help would be apreciated! Thanks!

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