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Facebook IOS SDk 3.23 Login stopped working

Hello everyone.

I have a published app in the Ios AppStore for Brazil, and it's using facebook login from Facebook IOS SDK 3.23.0

Sundenly I was building a small fix and the the login become unavaible in the IOS, the same app on Android, using the facebook login is working.
But none of the devices where abble to login in the app today from the ios client.

The error message, that appear in the facebook webView login is:
Not Logged In: You are not logged in. Please login and try again.

It's like if the login or the facebook auth-token is invalid but is not requesting a new one as far as I understand, can someone please give me a light here?


public override void ViewDidLoad ()
base.ViewDidLoad ();

        #region Facebook Stuff
        // Create the Facebook LogIn View with the needed Permissions
        mLoginView = new FBLoginView (ExtendedPermissions) {
            Frame = new CGRect ((iOSConstants.SCREEN_WIDTH-290)/2, iOSConstants.SCREEN_HEIGHT-80, 290, 90)

        // Hook up to FetchedUserInfo event, so you know when
        // you have the user information available
        mLoginView.FetchedUserInfo += (sender, e) => 

            mUser = e.User;
            mUserId = mUser.GetId ();
            mUserFirstName = mUser.GetFirstName ();
            mUserLastName = mUser.GetLastName ();
            mUserImage = "" + mUserId + "/picture?width=200"; 
            mAccessToken = FBSession.ActiveSession.AccessTokenData.AccessToken;

                var dic = new NSDictionary();
                FBRequestConnection.StartWithGraphPath("me/friends?fields=id",dic,"GET",(connection,result,error) =>
                    if(error != null){
                        InvokeOnMainThread (() => new UIAlertView ("Error!", "Error has occured.", null, "Ok", null).Show ());
                        var graphObject = result as FBGraphObject;
                        if (mUserSession == null) 
                            using (var array = (NSMutableArray)graphObject[new NSString("data")])
                                using(var id = new NSString("id"));
                                for (uint i = 0; i < array.Count; i++) 
                                    using (var friend = Runtime.GetNSObject<NSDictionary> (array.ValueAt (i))) 
                                        mUserFriend = friend["id"].ToString ();
                                        mUserFriendsList.Add (mUserFriend);
                            mUserSession = UserSession.setUserSession (mUserId, mUserFriendsList, mAccessToken, mUserImage, mUserFirstName, mUserLastName);
        View.AddSubview (mLoginView);


  • ViniciusVieiraViniciusVieira USMember
    edited August 2015

    Could someone from Xamarin look at this, I've sent an email to support and I'm not getting a response in any front.


  • Up, Xamarin team can please look into this?


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