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Tuesday, August 11, 2015 (South Florida) - Database Persistence for Xamarin Mobile Apps Using SQLite

Come join the South Florida Xamarin Users Group:

Data persistence along with server-side synchronization is common requirement for many, if not most mobile applications. However, writing a persistence layer is a lot of work. Add cloud synchronization to the mix, and you can wind up spending huge amounts of time on the database back-end. This takes valuable resources away from the development of your apps unique, core value proposition.

In this presentation, Anthony Serpico will cover common data storage requirements for mobile applications along with the unique challenges app developers face working in the context of an unreliable distributed environment. He will then cover SQLite.XM in detail.

SQLite.XM is a SQLite wrapper written in C# and designed to be used with Xamarin based mobile applications. SQLite.XM makes using SQLite with Xamarin a snap. It shields your application from the details of working directly with SQLite. Instead, you app interfaces with a high level layer that provides database CRUD functionality, in addition to providing an abstraction layer that greatly simplifies retrieving records from a search. SQLite.XM also takes care of initializing your apps schema, performing schema updates and synchronizing data to a server-side database. SQLite.XM is extremely flexible, allowing you to customize replication in order to synchronize with a non-matching server-side schema. SQLite.XM also includes support for a custom synchronization delegate in order to allow synchronization with any server-side data store.

SQLite.XM is freely available on GitHub. An accompanying book will soon be available on Amazon, also free.

We will meet in Classroom 2060, Located on the 2nd Floor Carl DeSantis Building.


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