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What's the proper way to do push notifications using XF?

vlexvlex BGMember

Howdy folks,

I'm playing around with xamarin for vs and I'm wondering what the proper way to do push notifications should be? I'm gravitating towards using AWS SNS and I found on github an AWS SDK for xamarin, but I'm wondering whether anyone has tried it or any other ways to do push, because I hear it's generally a big pain in the butt to get PCL and SNS to work properly, so I'm looking for a way to save me some head banging 'gainst the wall... At some point I was even considering starting at boot a service thread that would poll a server for status and should there be anything new it'd create a local notification, which I agree is not the slickest design of em all, but would've worked, if only there was a way to start a thread at startup on iphone and WP the way you can do it in android..

I still haven't started because I wonna have my concept clear in order to reuse most of my code and don't have to rewrite 60% of it for each platform. All guidance and advices are utmost welcome.



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