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September 15, 2015 - New York, NY - Xamarin Navigation Patterns

gshacklesgshackles USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭

Dan Hermes speaks about navigation and how to give your users what they need to get around your Xamarin app quickly, moving from screen to screen with confidence and ease. Menus, tappable icons, buttons, tabs, and lists all offer a user ways to navigate your app. Dan will discuss industry-standard approaches for tying an app’s screens together in an elegant and usable way called navigation design patterns, based upon the concepts in his new book, Xamarin Mobile Application Development. Here are the most common mobile UI navigation patterns used in Xamarin development:

• Hierarchical

• Modal

• Drill-down list

• Navigation drawer

• Tabs

• Springboard

• Carousel

Learn how to use these navigation patterns in Xamarin.Forms and how to approach them in Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. Moving between screens also requires passing data between them. Dan will talk about different ways to maintain state during navigation.

You will learn about how to:

• Create navigation to get your user from screen-to-screen

• Create many kinds of menus

• Manage state and passing data between pages

• Combine navigation patterns to form a complete app

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