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Newbie Here - Any Help?

Hey guys!
I'm new to Android development but have been doing c# dev for 10 or so years.
I have downloaded the trial and installed the software that is required.
I am using the VS plugin with Visual Studio 2012.
I can open VS and select new project, and select "Android Application".
I am able to get an simple app (the button click demo that is provided in a new application) working in the emulators just fine.

Some things I do not understand:
I am unable to package the apk and get it working on a phone.
The APK packages and is about 100k in size. When I move to the device, it does install, and when I run it, it crashes a few seconds later.
I don't think the MONO runtime or required things on on my device and I am not sure how to get them there.

I am looking for some simple entry level help on how to get a simple first app off the ground and to a device. Even if its just hello world.

After I get that far, then I have many more questions on how to try and relate this development to what I am used to in Visual Studio and .NET

Thanks for any help you may provide!


  • FZelleFZelle DEMember ✭✭✭

    Your problem is that you didn't read what you accepted while installing.
    As long as you don't buy a licence you can't deploy to a device.

  • BugNukerBugNuker USMember

    Thanks for the help.
    I'm guessing when I buy, it will produce an APK that has the mono library with it?
    Thanks again.

  • OldRedthOldRedth USMember, Insider ✭✭✭
    edited December 2012

    You will have the option to build an APK that is standalone, meaning all the required mono bits are linked into the APK. :) to run on your device. You do need a license to run on a device!

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