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BT:LE OnCharacteristicChanged not called after SetCharacteristicNotification.

I am working with bluetooth in my android application,

I have discovered my device, connected and started discovering services. I am attempting to receive notifications from characteristics but am having no joy. I know the device is sending as i have similar cod working on my iOS app with the same bluetooth hardware. this is on my OnServiceDiscovered code

public override void OnServicesDiscovered (BluetoothGatt gatt, GattStatus status)
foreach (var service in gatt.Services) {
foreach (var characteristic in service.Characteristics.ToList()) {
var response = gatt.SetCharacteristicNotification (characteristic, true);


I am hitting the loop for several characteristics and services but i never get a callback to the following method

public override void OnCharacteristicChanged (BluetoothGatt gatt, BluetoothGattCharacteristic characteristic)
var id = characteristic.Uuid.ToString ();

Am i missing something? I essentially want to subscribe to all services and attributes and receive notifications..


  • oxoocoffeeoxoocoffee USMember

    Have you ever figured out this? I have same issue now :)

  • "Have you ever figured out this? I have same issue now :)"

    Same Here Do you have any solutions?

  • shahilceshahilce Member

    Hello Guys,

    Did you guys get any solution, I am not able to move forward. please help me if you guys get any solution. plz plz plz.

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