Classic Mac project - file association upon install not working

MichaelBothMichaelBoth AUMember ✭✭✭

Hi all

I've got a Classic Mac project that, when installed, does not setup the association between related files and the application, i.e. when a user double-clicks on the files the application works with the application does not open. Once the file association is setup, the application opens up just fine.

I've setup, I believe, all configuration options correctly via Project Options -> Build -> Mac Application -> Advanced, for a Document Type:

Name - Application X file
Identifier - com..
Class - NSDocument
Role - Editor
Extensions -
Mime Types - (left blank)
Icon - link to .icns file used for application

Document is distributed as a bundle - unchecked

My understanding is that with the above configured the file association should be configured automatically upon installation of the app into 'Apps', is this correct?

I couldn't find a sample that demonstrated file association mapping - is there one?

Finally - is there a way to set the file association at run-time? If so, this would remove the need to have the upon-install association working.




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