How to avoid UIWebView memory usage crash?

JuYang.7194JuYang.7194 CNMember

We have a function in our project, this function is a Chat, we can you text-view to send image, file and rich-text, and show sender and other chat people's chat record in WebView, a Chat Record is a Div tag in WebView and use it to display rich-text content ( you can think it is a TableView's cell), and when more and more chat record appears, it may crash, how to avoid, please give some suggestions !


  • adamkempadamkemp mod USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    Don't have so many at once. That means either make your HTML more complex so that it loads the content on demand as you scroll or don't use HTML (real table views use virtualized views to avoid this problem).

  • JuYang.7770JuYang.7770 CNMember

    do you have more detail help?

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