Nested View -> ScrollView ->View, Buttons not responding

JonShanksJonShanks GBMember
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I rebuild my one viewcontroller to have the structure shown below so that I could get the content to move up when the keyboard appears using the solution described at

I originally only had a ViewController->View->View which was working fine but with the new structure below the main issue I am having is that the buttons are not responding to touches. The Entry/Text boxes respond fine though, they bring up the keyboard.

I have added my code for the TouchUpInside events into my ViewControllers subclass file.


----|__ View
----------|_ Scrollview
------------------ |_ View
-----------------------|_ UIImageView
----------------------------|_ SegmentedButton (Works)
-------------------------------Entry #1 (Works)
-------------------------------Entry #2 (Works)
-------------------------------Entry #3 (Works)
-------------------------------UIButton #1 (Does not respond to TouchUpInside)
-------------------------------UIButton #2 (Does not respond to TouchUpInside)



  • JonShanksJonShanks GBMember
    edited July 2015

    Oddly, adding a new, 3rd button seems to respond.

    Deleted the old buttons and recreated them but issue persists.

  • adamkempadamkemp USInsider, Developer Group Leader mod

    Create a reduced example project that reproduces the issue and attach it here.

  • JonShanksJonShanks GBMember

    Nevermind, sorted it. Thanks

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