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How to deal with fetching from database & again fetching same from server in observable collection?

Vinod.5653Vinod.5653 USMember

hi I am fetching data from database and showing it using observable collection and listbox . Then I fetch data from the server and apply to same observable collection and listbox and store it in the database. But after some navigation and coming back to the same page where i am showing the data, i get the data from the database but at the same moment fetching same data (might have additional data) from server and adding it to observable collection and listbox leads to app crash. How to deal with it?

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  • Vinod.5653Vinod.5653 USMember
    edited August 2015

    My app just closes. There is not any exception stack generated or displayed on console. But regarding your concept of updating the ObservableCollection from a background thread would be a mistake I might be making. I will follow your suggestion.. Thanks

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