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Invalid WatchKit Support

JamesAltJamesAlt USUniversity ✭✭
edited July 2015 in Xamarin.iOS

I'm pretty stumped on the whole WatchKit submission process. Something seems to be wrong with my project setup I believe because I never actually see the watch app as a part of the created archive when all is said and done. Also, when I submit, I get that lovely e-mail back from Apple saying that I have Invalid WatchKit Support.

So far I've created App Ids for the iOS app, extension, and the watch app. I also created provisioning profiles for each as well as a group that is tied to all three app ids. I've added that group id to the entitlements of all three apps as well. I normally use Visual Studio but I've been doing my builds in Xamarin Studio because that was the recommended way, created the archive, removed the iTunes Meta Data file and then tried submitting it through XCode.

Whenever I look inside the archive file I can see the dsym for the extension and I can see the WatchKitSupport folder with the WK file inside. Whenever I look inside of the actual iOS app I don't see anything related to the watch app or the extension which is why I think I'm missing something here. Anyone have these same issues and come up with a fix?

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