Has anyone had success (or failure) binding LEADTOOLS?

candersoncanderson USMember ✭✭

I'm searching for a library that handles image/pdf annotations and LEADTOOLS does a really good job of this on iOS in objective C in the proof of concept that I worked with. Searching around, I haven't seen much about people successfully binding it into Xamarin. Mostly I've just seen people asking for help with the Android bindings, nothing for iOS. Has anyone tried this? Or does anyone have suggestions for a different annotation library that will work more easily with Xamarin iOS?


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  • LEAD_SupportLEAD_Support USMember ✭✭

    With the release of version 20 of LEADTOOLS, the toolkit now supports the development of a unified code base that can target the Xamarin development platform (iOS, Android, and UWP):

    The toolkit comes with several working solutions to demonstrate the imaging features available for deployment through Xamarin.

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