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LoginAsync with Parse failing to return

GarethArchGarethArch USMember

I'm trying to get the LoginAsync working with the Parse component. I'm not sure why it's not returning back a value to my task. I'm hoping it's something very dumb that I'm doing that will be an easy fix, but when I do SignUpAsync in a very similar fashion, it works?!?!

The login actually succeeds on the server (as I can check Parse and the session time for "logged in" has been updated), but nothing seems to be returned back to my app to let me know that I'm logged in (and I don't get a ParseUser returned back to my app).

I've been trying anything and everything (I think) for the past 2 hours so any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is my code and there's not a whole lot going on...
public User Login(string username, string password) { var task = LoginAsync (username, password); task.Wait (); return task.Result; } async public Task<User> LoginAsync(string username, string password) { try { var user = await ParseUser.LogInAsync (username, password); return ParseObjectToUser(user); } catch { return new User(); } }

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