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Intellectual Property protection

JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin

I spoke with an Intellectual Property protection expert briefly last week about copyrights, patents, trademarks etc. One of the things he mentioned was what we used to do 30+ years ago when sending games we had written to publishers to see if they were interested in publishing them (which, thankfully they did!). That old-school thing was to store the software on a DVD (we used cassettes 30+ years ago), stick the DVD in a Jiffy bag, post it to yourself, then stick it unopened in secure storage at the bank. An old-school method of proving when the software was first available. The other thing he mentioned, was to apply digital fingerprints to software - things that only you know about and that have no purpose other than to identify the software as yours. I didn't have time to explore that with him, to find out whether digitally signing software was adequate, or whether something more was required even for stuff that had been digitally signed (e.g. particular byte patterns in the midst of the binaries). Is this something that anybody has looked into? If so, what method did you come up with, and was it suitable across all platforms supported by Xamarin.Forms?

Many thanks,

John H.


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