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In case anyone is interested, I just wanted to share a link to my blog. As I'm going through the certification process, I'm blogging about my experience and about each course I've taken. The goal is, in the end, to have a series that covers all of the material I learned in the courses and to be able to use it as a study guide in prep for the exam.


Here are the topics I'm covering:

Getting Started [XAM101]
Course Work
* Intro to iOS with Visual Studio [IOS102]
* Introduction to Xamarin.Android [AND101]
* Activities and Intents [AND102]
* Fundamentals of Table Views iOS [IOS110]
* List Views and Adapters in Android [AND110]
* Introduction to Cross Platform Mobile Development [XAM110]
* Intro to Xamarin.Forms [XAM120]
* Working with SQLite and Mobile Data [XAM160]
* Navigation Patterns in Android [AND205]
* Navigation Patterns in iOS [IOS205]
* Introduction to Backgrounding in Android [AND210]
* Introduction to Backgrounding: Running Finite-Length Tasks [IOS210]
* Publishing an App [XAM220]
* Advanced Cross-Platform Development [XAM300]
* Memory Management and Best Practices [XAM370]
Certification Exam Process

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