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WP 8: Black screen after game deactivated/activated (Cocos Sharp 1.4, MonoGame 3.1.2)


I've got a testing device - Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows Phone 8. For a long time there is a problem: when I minimize a game and then open it again the game bugs. Sometimes all of the CCLableTtf's on the scene dissapear, but tend to be the dispaly just remains black, wherein all of the sounds play normally. Please, tell me how to fix this problem, only cause of it I couldn't release the game to MarketPlace!

I googled this problem and I know that it is probably the bug related with Monogame, but there is nowhere the clear explanation of fixing this bug.

We use CocosSharp 1.4.0 and MonoGame 3.1.2 (template for WP 8)

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