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Xamarin.UITest documentation - positive feedback :-)

Just a quick piece of positive feedback for the UITest team. With the usual caveats (yes, there are broken links, and there are inevitably some gaps), I just wanted to say that the work that has been done on the UITest documentation is much appreciated - it seems to be by far the best documented area of Xamarin I have worked with. As somebody who has done a lot of test automation in the past using tools from other companies, I find it refreshing at how quickly the Xamarin.UITest documentation gets people not just up and running, but also using good practices. Good job :-)


  • KeithBallingerKeithBallinger USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Thanks! We really appreciate the kudos.

    We continue to try and improve the experience, including the docs. Feel free to email me with any broken links and gaps! (keithba at xamarin.)

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