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Failed to load output manifest for ibtool

I have two iOS projects that I am trying to compile that I had inherited. I'm new to Xamarin and I have done a Restore, Update on all of the packages and clean build and rebuild but still receiving the following two build errors. "Failed to load output manifest for ibtool: Unrecognized property list format." and "Output manifest contents:". Does anybody have any ideas or a direction to point me into? It's being build on a Mac with Xamarin Studio. Thanks.


  • PedroFernandesPedroFernandes PTMember ✭✭

    I am having this problem too.

    Maybe @jstedfast or @RolfBjarneKvinge can help us out here?

    I have an Update delayed for 1 month because of this problem.

    Need help ASAP

  • JeffreyStedfastJeffreyStedfast USXamarin Team Xamurai

    My best guess is that ibtool crashed and therefor dumped junk to the manifest file that the msbuild scripts then try to load, and, because it's not a valid plist, it fails.

    The next major release will catch the exception in msbuild, but it won't stop ibtool from crashing. To fix that, you'll probably need to isolate which storyboard or xib file is causing ibtool to crash and then do whatever needs to be done to fix that xib/storyboard file.

    To figure out which xib/storyboard is causing ibtool to crash, the easiest way is to clean your build and then build again. When you get this same error in msbuild, look to see which xib/storyboard it was just trying to compile (you may need to turn on diagnostic-level logging in Xamarin Studio's preferences).

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