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Dec 7-11th: Hanover, Germany - Exclusive Xamarin Workshops!

AndreyKozlovAndreyKozlov USMember Xamurai
edited November 2015 in Events & Community

Join H&D International for exclusive Xamarin Workshops happening on December 7-11th!

Register now and RSVP !



  • tansaztansaz NLMember, University

    Hi Andrey,

    Are these by any chance English spoken workshops?


  • Len_aLen_a DEMember

    Hi Omid,
    thanks for your question regarding our Xamarin Workshops. They are in german language, but you can send us a request via Maybe there is a way to adapt the Workshop to your Needs.

    Best regards,


  • BoKehletHelwegBoKehletHelweg USMember, University

    To bad it's in german.

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