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Xamarin Android and iOS subscriptions


When I log into my account inside Xamarin Studio, the studio insists on telling me, that my trial period has ended and that I need to purchase a subscription. But I've already done so (I redeemed a bussiness license as a student) and the info on the webpage shows that I am indeed in possesion of an Android and an iOS subscription. Why does the IDE do this and how do I fix this behavior?


  • EricaDesrochersEricaDesrochers CAMember

    Same problem with me. I just subscribed and my IDE, re-installed, say so.

  • EricaDesrochersEricaDesrochers CAMember

    Problem was solved with a windows restart... :-)

  • MTSMTS SIMember

    Not really working for me. The IDE is still pestering me with this missing subscription nonsense.

  • EidandEidand GBMember, University ✭✭✭
    1. log out and log back in with your account that purchased the subscriptions.
    2. make sure you assign the seats you get to your own account, otherwise the licenses are not applied. This is done from the Dashboard.
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