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July 30, 2015, Chicago - Creating Real World Components Using Composite Controls in Xamarin.Forms

DavidAllenDavidAllen USDeveloper Group Leader ✭✭✭

In this presentation David Allen will discuss ways to approach Composite Forms Controls and provide a real world example, which highlights some of the issues to be addressed. Rsvp here.

If you are using, or plan to use, Xamarin.Forms, you will quickly realize that despite being incredibly powerful, and having huge potential, the visual elements provided ‘out of the box’ are too simplistic to be exclusively used in production apps. You will have to create custom controls that provide a much better looking and/or feature rich experience.

Often this will require the use of Custom Renderers, which offer a mechanism to create components in ‘Native (non-forms) Code’ for each platform and reference them as forms components. However, although flexible and performant, using Custom Renderers requires deep knowledge of the platforms being supported and separate code for each platform.

Sometimes there is an alternative – Composite Forms Controls. Composite Controls are used all the time on each individual platform, and they can be created within Forms as well. This approach allows you to create complex cross platform controls, utilizing the abstractions of platform specific implementations already provided within Forms, requiring less platform specific knowledge and less code. There are some limitations and issues you must address however to create a consistent experience across the platforms, but by being creative you can create a surprising number of custom controls without having to resort to custom renderers.

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