circle imageview in listview

ajinajin USMember

Hi, I am using xamarin android in my application. I have a listview which contains Imageview, textview (name) and textview (count). Now this is working fine aith image taking from api. we will get image url from api and show this image in adpater as follows.

-using (var imageView = view.FindViewById (Resource.Id.groupThumbnail)) {
if (item.GroupPic != null)
string url = Android.Text.Html.FromHtml (item.GroupPic).ToString ();

                //Download and display image
                Koush.UrlImageViewHelper.SetUrlDrawable (imageView, 
                imageView.SetImageResource (Resource.Drawable.DefaultProfileImage);

Now I need to display this image in circle. How can I achieve this?

Can anyone help me in this

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