Error first time installed xamarin. I do IT work and still can't figure this out. please help

I'm the administrator of my acoount

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\Xamarin.Android.Common.targets(3,3): Error MSB6003: The specified task executable "java.exe" could not be run. Access is denied (MSB6003) (PracticeAPP1)

This is my error and no warnings pop up. Have All the right programs. Java SDK 8.1, java 8.51 run time environment. Have all the correct stuff when I go to tools>options>sdk locations and it has green check marks for all the stuff needed for android. Any help will save my day man. Thanks.


  • CheesebaronCheesebaron DKInsider, University mod

    Access is denied

    You should probably check permissions on your java install. Could seem like something is goofed up.

  • Ok as soon as I get home ill check the permissions and reply with a solution if I succeed. Should be within 6 hours of this post. Thank you CheeseBaron because you are the only person helping me so far.

  • How do I check permissions on java? how do I get there?

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