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PhoneGAP in Mono Touch/Mono for Android

I am working for the past 20 months on creating a Common Operating Environment for the Web, Desktop and Mobile using Html as the foundation and have published a reference implementation MIT Licensed at github ( with a demo at

Basically in 2005 Miguel blogged about a similar idea (not the same) to what i am trying to achieve

I thought the pain created by the Fragmentation of the Mobile Operating System is going to be huge since it does not make business sense to recreate the same functionality multiple times for each Mobile Operating System and i thought i can try to solve this problem as a Non Developer (I have never professionally been a developer, Most of my experience is as Project Manager/Product Architect) using MonoTouch and Mono for Android but based on Web Technologies.

Most of the current solutions based on Html and Js are depending on the Browser, which from my experience is the biggest bottleneck. Only a solution based on Html, but without the rendering limitations of browser, but using OpenGL as the rendering solution may provide a common abstraction which is easy, at the same time rivals the performance of Native App. I am working on this type of solution.

In the intermediate period while i develop the above ideal solution, I have created two intermediate solutions which may be useful for certain types of applications.

Packaging of Html based solutions which may be suitable for certain types of applications, hence I have created a Android APK (IOS IAP/ WinRT) to package pure Html based applications in a very easy way (Published in GitHub) and also creating a website which can do the packaging by just uploading a Html5 app and downloading a Native Android/IOS/WinRT App

Packaging of C# Html based app built using the currently accepted best practices like (API Driven, Template Driven, Enhanced MVC etc) is another intermediate solution which has been published in GitHub as an Android APK.

An Android APK GUI (alpha quality) based on porting of GWEN a open source OpenGL GUI is also published.

I would love to hear comments/thoughts from others on this crazy solution and if any one installs the APK and it works/crashes, i would be grateful if they can send information about the device in which it worked/crashed.

I have published detail drawings on the Architecture of the Solution also in github.

As a Non Developer working on this Solution, i may have made some rookie mistakes, and would gladly correct if those are pointed out.

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