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Binding Google Play Services to Visual Studio 2012

michalholmichalhol CZMember
edited May 2013 in Xamarin.Android

Plz, how can I binding Google Play Services (GPS) to Visual Studio. There are thousand examples step-by-step for Eclipse. Please could someone show realy step-by-step working example how to reference google-play-service-lib to VS project? I spend 4 days of googling without success.

I have separated project GPS (based on Java Bindings Libraty) in my solution. I have placed google-play-services.jar into Jars directory (is it right only this file?) and setup as EmbeddedJar/InputJar. Build of this project is succeeded.

Then I add this projet into References to my main projet and compiler still don't know Android.Gms assemlby.

I have also Mono.Android and Mono.Android.Support.v4 assemblies in GPS and main project References.

There is a important step add referencej also for main project to google-play-services.jar file in Eclipse.

What can I do in Visual Studio to have Android.Gms assembly accessible?


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