Simple Authentication for On premise Sharepoint 2013 Xamarin.Android app without using Windows Azure

Being a beginner to mobile development I am trying to build an app which has to retrieve contents namely lists, news feeds, libraries and all the sites from an On premise Sharepoint 2013 Internet website.

After refering to forums and couple of websites I understand we can fetch all these data by using REST Api calls. But before that I need to authenticate to the sharepoint site. According to my understanding we need to authenticate using OAuth which needs Windows Azure or any third party identity provider. Is there any other simple way of authenticating (For example just pass user name and password) and connect to the sharepoint site?

Thank you for your patience to read such lengthly post. Could anyone help me with any samples or reference? Appreciate your help


  • Hi, did you solve this?
    I would be interested in seeing the soloution to how you authenticate to Sharepoint :)

  • mainprashant89mainprashant89 INMember ✭✭

    @NikithaM any update?

  • Hi All, I am too stuck at the same problem. I am trying to connect to on premise

  • I create a NetworkCredential using my Active Directory account

    NetworkCredential(userId, password, domain)

    I was trying to use HttpClient.PostAsync but I kept getting 401 unauthorized. Then it occurred to me to use Http.GetAsync and it worked!

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